From Students

“You have seen me in Oakland not doing good. Thanks to the construction training program at Cypress Mandela, I enrolled and now, I’m going to work! If I can do it at 40, you can do it, too.”
- Mark R.

“I’ve had several jobs, none of them had benefits like a union job can offer. Construction training has gotten me in shape to face any obstacle in this world. I confidently can say I will be able to comfortably support my family.”
- Dyane S.

From Employers and Others

“Working with the Training Center has been an experience for Chrisp Company that many more companies should try. A great suggestion to any future employer would be to visit, watch the students and then attend just one graduation ceremony. You will leave with a greater understanding of the graduates.”
- Elvin D. (Doc) Holliday, Safety Director
Chrisp Co.

“Building Trades Unions have learned to rely on the Cypress reputation to both prepare & recruit applicants into our Unions who continue on to Journey level. Each time I and other Union Representatives attend a Cypress graduation, we see from both the instructors and the students a unique bond and commitment to moving forward to positive futures.”
- Barry Luboviski, Secretary/Treasurer
Alameda County Building Trades

“Cypress pre-apprentice graduates make better employees and contractors get a better employee when they hire a Cypress graduate.”
- Bob Alvarado, Executive Officer
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

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