Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid to attend the program?
No. You do not get paid to attend the program. You must be able to support yourself while attending the 16-week training.

How long is the program?
The training sessions are 16 weeks long and classes are held each weekday from 7am to 3:30pm. Daily attendance is mandatory to successfully complete the training and be placed on a job.

Will I get a job when I am finished?
The Cypress Mandela Training Center has a 85% to 90% percent placement rate. This is much higher than the average for comparable programs. Much of your success will depend on you and how dedicated and motivated you are to achieving your goals. The program has a variety of tools in place to assist students with job placement and retention, such as placement assistance and on the job mentoring.

Will I get college credit for my classes?
Yes. You may earn up to 7 college credits through the Peralta Community College District or the University of California system after completing the training. 

Are there any other requirements to participate in the program?
You must have a valid California Driver’s License and will be required to bring in a DMV printout. You must also have a reliable vehicle as job sites are often spread throughout the Bay Area and may not be accessible using public transportation. All participants must also be drug-free.

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