Our Programs

Significant elements of the curriculum include both classroom and hands-on instruction in:

  • Applied math for construction purposes
  • Environmental training
  • Introduction to cement work
  • Introduction to framing, form and foundation work
  • Introduction to structural steel and ironwork
  • Job safety
  • Orientation to the construction industry and the apprentice structure
  • Tool and material identification
  • Site surveying
  • Blueprint reading
  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Plumbing fundamentals
  • Introduction to operating engineers
  • Fundamentals of Solar
  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Techniques and Training
  • Life skills: time management, budgeting, nutrition, chemical dependency education, sexual harassment, job survival skills, mentoring, team building and relationships

Videotaped and live presentations by industry experts further enhance the training. Students that successfully pass any of the environmental training modules will receive certification in that particular discipline. Students can also receive from 3 to 6 units of credit in carpentry from Laney College.


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